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Trinity is your ready-to-use 3D-Audio-Package that helps you elevate your project to the next level and have your visitors moved into a whole other dimension.


Why 3D?

...and what is 3D?

Unlike stereo, 3D sound is not just coming from a line between two loud-speakers. By installing many speakers all around the listening area and by attaching them on different heights, a sound field is created. Inside this zone, the listener can live the same experience no matter where he stands.
This allows the sound to be perceived in all its complexity and layers. Instead of hearing individual speakers, the listener has the feeling of floating inside a cloud of sounds. The experience is three-dimensional (width, height and depth) and offers a uniquely natural and realistic hearing through loud-speaker.

The listening experience is very natural and relaxing. From the very first sound, you get carried away and immersed in an acoustical parallel world. The listener gets overwhelmed by an unexpected perception of space in which illusion and realism collide. Sounds spread and move in all directions, sounscape layers and silence alternate creating an unforgettable hearing experience.

Why Trinity?

Consisting of three components, Trinity exceeds a conventional loudspeaker system. Its strength consists in the interplay of service, content and 3d-loudspeaker-system. Thus, advanced knowledge of the matter is not necessary. Our work begins with the first preliminary talk and includes the setup and calibration of the ready-to-play system. An operation on site is also possible. This means Trinity can be tailored, individually adapted and is perfectly suited for every customer. 

The application of trinity is very widespread. A frequent scenario is in the context of art. In galeries, the use of 3D audio can move people in a whole other dimension. Trinity can augment and anchor the impact of an oeuvre or an entire exhibition in a subconscious and emotional layer. In the context of events, the use of spatial sound can complete the perception of a performance or presentation in many ways. 

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Experience Trinity

and learn more?

We are glad to offer you a personal listen to trinity. We are happy to analyze and elaborate your use and give you a demonstration of the possibilities.

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